Data Appending Services

Data Appending Services

Enhance your existing database

People nowadays seem to be constantly switching their contact details. People get new phone numbers, open new email accounts, change jobs or move house. Assuming that old data is up-to-date, you might be missing out on contacting loyal and interested customers who have changed their contact details. You might be equally creating negative perceptions of your company by contacting people who don’t want to be touched anymore. In essence, cleaning and appending your data will reduce your campaign costs, improve your profitability, maximize customer relationships and avoid the negative implications of getting it wrong.

Improving Your Customer List with Data Appending

Direct marketing has changed. It is no longer acceptable to only know that an individual purchased from your company, at least not if you want to stay in business. Today, it is critical to understand why your customer purchases from your organization. Accomplish data appending by understanding your customer’s DNA, realized through a data append and enhancement program. can enhance your customer database by appending key business data elements that will improve your business intelligence and marketing performance. Also, we can add contact information within several communication channels which lead to greater retention and the ability to find same points on outside lists.

Clean – Verify and updating of Name, address, and date of birth details using files such as the Post Code Address File to assure that personal information is accurate and that marketing communications are deliverable.

Validate – Validate whether if the individual is present at a particular address and telephone contact details are correct to ensure that your direct marketing reaches the expected recipient.

Suppress – Identify and remove people that cannot or will not respond as a result of them moving house, passing away, or registering with one of the preference services. This curtails wasted mailing costs and helps to avoid consumer annoyance.

Enhance – Use additional demographic and lifestyle information to gain a better insight into consumer behavior and ensure your communication is relevant.

Match – Accurately identify and discard duplicate records within a single file, or between two to avoid mailing alone multiple time with the same offer. Sending an existing customer, or a person who has expressly requested not to be contacted by your organization.

B2B Data Append

Start by matching your house file against, our comprehensive B2B multi-channel database. With event rates of up to 50% for companies by site and up to 40% of individuals, we will then append critical information to your database.

Data Roll-ups

A significant challenge while analyzing your customer base is the lack so unification between your records, which makes it tough to query your database and identify clusters of records. Email list will roll up specific data fields within your customer base to allow for large scale file segmentation.
Maximize the Value of your Customer Email File with Email-list. Net’s B2B Reverse Email Append Services.

How to Fill the Gaps in Database

Database hygiene decides the success of your campaign. An appended database enables you to reach potential customers at the right time. At, data appending is opted-in and permission-based to help increase your campaign effectiveness.
What is the point of a massive database when the results from it are small? Go beyond size and consider quality, accuracy, relevancy, currency and overall health of data; if you want your database to work for you!